Every year, there is an English speaking assistant in our vocational school.

This year, her name is Devika Kohli, and she is from India, New Delhi. She is in her twenties…

1 euro with Devika

1 euro with Devika

She stays 9 months in France, she works 6 hours in our school and 6 hours in another school.

Her job is to help us in small groups to improve our English, to overcome our difficulties and to make us speak a lot ! She also helps the teachers. The better we are, the happier our teachers are  😉

It is good for us to speak English with a native speaker.

We meet her once a week with our English teachers.

We discover her country and her culture. A fact about her is that she loves reading books, like « Harry Potter ».

She is intelligent, friendly, generous and dynamic.

We thank her for what she did for us and we are going to miss her.

We hope she liked France and wish her the best for the future ….


Written by the 1EURO pupils

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  1. Kohli Devika
    Kohli Devika dit :

    Dear Students,
    Thank you so much for such a lovely, heartfelt article! I am so proud that you wrote it yourselves. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you all! You all have such different insights, perspectives and strengths. I hope you realize that you are all capable of doing very well at English. You have wonderful teachers but I am happy if you feel that my being here has helped you improve. I don’t think I could ask for more! I will miss you all and I wish you nothing but the best for your future. Please don’t forget to get up every time you fall because you are stronger and better than you think you are!


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