A typical week:

Here is a typical week for all the pupils in our « lycée » ! The following article has been written by some pupils of Jean Lurçat highschool.

Jean Lurçat highschool is in France, in the city of Fleury-Les-Aubrais, near Orleans, one-hour drive from Paris. It is a vocational school where all the students can study different fields like accounting, secretary, electricity, sales, metal structures, glasswork, boiler making. Some basic subjects are common to all the students, such as history, geography, maths, English, P.E., French and arts. In our technical school some pupils also learn Spanish and chemistry and for those who want, they can attend the european section. We don’t have the same teachers more than four hours in the day.

Class starts at 8.15 am, then we have a break of 20 minutes at 10 am and we are back in class until 12.10 pm. Lunchtime until 1.30 (we can eat at the canteen or have a sandwich outside school or at the supermarket) and class again until 5.20 pm. Each lesson lasts 55 minutes.On Wednesdays, everyone ends at 12.10 pm. We don’t work on Saturdays and Sundays 😉 . We are about 24 students in each class.

Twice a year we have a training session in companies and factories. Every training session lasts four weeks.The exam we all work for is called « bac pro » which is the equivalent of a BTEC National. We spend three years studying in our highschool to take this exam.

On Fridays, at noon, the manga fans go to the MANGA CLUB of our vocational highschool. And we have a sportive association. We can practise football, boxing, handball.

Outside of school, we like playing video games, using the computer, going out with friends, playing football, watching series on TV…

Looking for partners :

Our French vocational highschool “Lycée Jean Lurçat” is currently looking for partners. Different types of partners are searched for. First we welcome schools to participate in this program for our students. You can choose to correspond with our students by regular mail or e-mail. We also welcome companies that could provide a four-week internship abroad to some of our students :

-Pen pals and E-Pals exchange : We would love to partner with schools to communicate in English. It could be an exchange between two classes on a specific theme or a more traditional exchange between students of a class. We welcome English speaking/writing teachers and students from anywhere in the world. For more information, please contact the teacher in charge of international relationship, Catherine Rossignol. ()

– Companies and schools :When our students are in their last year in their BTEC National Diploma, some of them are interested in finding a work placement abroad in order to improve their professional skills, their English and also to open their minds to a new culture. If they have a four-week internship abroad, they may obtain a “EUROPASS” certificate and have a much more attractive resumé for European companies. These students are of working age, they follow a “European section” and have been prepared for such an internship. If you are interested in accepting a student, please contact us about this opportunity. We will send you their résumés and cover letters and answer all your questions. Previously we have worked with companies in Scotland, England, Bosnia and Spain in the areas of secretarial work, accounting, sales and boilermaking. For more information, please contact